Using Silver Efex Pro 2

Dunescape image

Late afternoon dunescape shot in the mesquite dunes of Death Valley

I now use Silver Efex Pro 2 for converting images to black and white. Silver Efex Pro 2 is part of the Google NIK collection a very reasonably priced and very well-functioning set of software. In the past I would convert channels to layers then use blending modes and masking to create black and white images. This took hours sometimes and worked very well and I will still use the method for some images but I now prefer using Silver Efex Pro 2. In this video I make a simple conversion to the image above and allow about a 10% coloration of the original image along with some selenium toning. I would love to hear how well this works for you. Do not forget to subscribe so you wont miss the next blog. Until next time “Keep on Shooting”.


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