How to Improve your Art

Workbench image

I felt the workbench represents the hard work that goes into talent.

How to improve your art is the goal of many. The notion that you need talent is a myth. Just ask a successful person considered to have talent and they will tell you it was hard work not really talent. Talent is learned, it takes hard work in a positive direction and is not without the pain of failure. You can only grow with the help of others and a firm understanding of the footing your craft and art stands on. The steps needed to perfect your art and craft are simple to all who are willing to follow but you need to take the steps yourself. You can read or watch a video on how to do anything but until you actually do the process you cannot own it and have it as part of your craft.

Craft is the easy part it amounts to gathering information and applying it until you reach a point where you are developing your own procedures. In other words you fully understand the tools and processes. Next is looking at, studying and reading about the art of others until you understand it and start developing a feel for your art.

Art is the hard part mostly because it is where you express yourself. Using your learnt craft you lay your ego on the line for all to see. Have no fear most people will give positive feedback and the ones that give unsolicited critiques are often jerks. Now this happens everywhere be it a gallery, show, online or between friends  and other artists. Now here is the hard part you need to take your ego out of your art because you need the negative feedback to grow and get better. No attention should be paid to unsolicited critiques but you need to seek feedback from people in your field of art. You need to know what is good about your art and craft as well as what is bad so you can correct and build your art and craft.

For those giving feedback to an artist never give any negative unless solicited to do so. Critiques should always start with what is good about the art. Next what is keeping the art from being better and how to improve the art. Lastly the critique should always end on a positive note.

With hard work and good solicited critiques you will grow your art at an enormous pace. Seek out the type of ego free environment where this can happen. Local Art clubs and organizations or art based communities are all possibilities. I have found such an ego free environment for myself in an online group known as The Arcanum. 

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About John Aydelotte

I aspire to pass on some of the 40 years of imaging knowledge I have acquired. I have a true passion for imaging and wish to enjoy my retirement from Commercial Photography by creating images from my heart. I am still taking a few Freelance jobs but would love to teach and lead others on their amazing photography journey. I have two grown children and 7 grandchildren. I am focusing on photography, education and retirement.

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