A Few Simple Clicks


Just a few simple clicks is all it takes to make dramatic changes in an image. In this video John Aydelotte of jas.photography shows how to use lookup tables to take a daylight image to look like it was a moonlight image. Color Lookup Tables have been used by the movie industry for years to create and looks which are applied sometimes to whole films or sometimes to just short segments. These can be very powerful tools and they are very efficient. Using color lookup tables is only the first step as you can make your own and apply them to whole batches of images or videos so they have a common look. Do not forget to subscribe so you wont miss the next blog. Until next time “Keep on Shooting”.

moonlight image

This daylight shot was changed moonlight using color lookup tables in Photoshop CC 2014

About John Aydelotte

I aspire to pass on some of the 40 years of imaging knowledge I have acquired. I have a true passion for imaging and wish to enjoy my retirement from Commercial Photography by creating images from my heart. I am still taking a few Freelance jobs but would love to teach and lead others on their amazing photography journey. I have two grown children and 7 grandchildren. I am focusing on photography, education and retirement.


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