Lightroom gets Brush for Gradient Tools

Bushes on top of the dunes

Bushes on top of the dunes

Yes it is true Lightroom 6 and CC as well as Adobe Camera Raw now have a brush that works with the gradient tools. There is no better way to show this new tool then a demo. I made the Making of an image video using an image that I would have not worked on due to the time it would have taken for masking in Photoshop. The task was easy using the new brush tool. Things to remember when using it was to check the auto mask box if not checked by default as it was when I did this demo. Please note the brush adds by default so you will need to push the Option/Alt key to remove and re mask areas from the gradient. This is only one great feature of the new release but I think it is very significant as it does keep me  doing more in Lightroom without the need of Photoshop. Other features in the new release of Lightroom include HDR and Pano all in Lightroom with the output being a raw file and a performance increase by pushing some of the processes to the graphics card and other processes running in the background. Its time to sit back and enjoy the video below. Do not forget to subscribe so you wont miss the next blog. Until next time “Keep on Shooting”.


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