Analog Images


Analog image

This was shot on 4×5 transparency film.




















It has been a few years since I made an analog image. Analog photography, or in other words film photography, are quite different from Digital. Both Analog and Digital  are valid forms of capturing an image but they are not the same. Is one better than the other is a question that shouldn’t be asked, it is like comparing apples and oranges.  When digital cameras were first marketed it was important for sales to make them as much like film cameras as they could. The makers of the digital cameras once established worked on expanding the capabilities and now today we have a lot of benefits from the digital development.

The state of the camera and photography industry today is digital. The reason for this is simple. Digital is easy, controllable, it has surpassed film in resolution, there are now tool to involve almost anyone in the process and today the digital look is fully accepted as everyone has a digital camera in their phone at the minimum.

When digital first reared its head many professional photographers came to the table with a bad attitude. I remember hearing it will never replace film, it pixelates, and it’s too small to have the swings and tilts of the 4×5. Well all of this has gone away and almost all pros use digital for just about all photography.

There is nothing wrong with analog photography.. It has a slightly different look and I hope it will be around for a long time. I did enjoy my time in the darkroom and the thrill of seeing a 4×5 transparency sitting on my light table a day or two after the shoot. When the pros shot film they had to get it right as they had no immediate feed back like with the digital camera. Couple this with a little knowledge of what to look for and growth can be impressive as compared to learning using film. The key to becoming better is education.

Just for fun I will post a gallery of analog images shot around 15 to 35 years ago.  Do not forget to subscribe so you won’t miss the next blog. Until next time “Keep on Shooting”


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