Elements of Creativity

Image of Bristlecone tree

This tree sits close to the top of a ridge. The elements of Creativity all came into play at the time of exposure and then were further refined in post processing to create this image.


Here are the basic elements of creativity. Keep in mind creativity comes from you. By definition creativity is the act of bringing something truly unique into being. Look at the elements below and see how they apply to your images.

Desire  Dig deep to come up with the new. Let your passion guide you. Be influenced, stimulated and inspired by others. Use all these forces to make and inspire your own creative projects.

Thought  Before you start a project or even expose an image give thought to composition, lighting, distractions in the image and then things like camera setting or if you need to do a HDR image. 

Experience  Use you knowledge from past shoots and critiques of your and others work. Keep shooting and working in the right direction and the experience will really kick in for you.

Experimentation  Don’t keep doing the same old thing. Get out of your comfort zone do or try something new. This may end in failure on first glance but it really is just a lesson learned. Keep trying until you get what you want and any failures along the way will add to your knowledge.

Conviction  Don’t be hesitant use your inner conviction, Listen to others but you make the decisions. You must have the conviction to go with your passion.

Enjoyment  Love what you are doing then it will be rewarding and fulfilling. Be an innovator not an imitator and you will wake each morning full of passion. You don’t have to be a great photographer to be creative you just need to love it.

The above concepts were taken from the book The Essence of Photography by Bruce Barnbaum.

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