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Twisted with Age_BWNew Facebook Site

I have started a Public Facebook site  John Aydelotte Fine Art Imaging and have posted the complete set of Bristlecone Pine images.

New Analog Gallery

A gallery of analog images I made more than 20 years ago are posted now. Go to Images on the top menu bar and then Analog Images. Keep in mind back then there was no Photoshop and you had to get it right on film. All of these were shot on transparency film so what you see is what I got. These are not retouched and just copied by digital camera while being lit from behind using a color corrected light box.

The Arcanum

If you want to learn photography I have a recommendation for you. The Arcanum is one if not the best school of Artistic Mastery. I used to think that you could only teach craft and techniques but not creativity. I got a chance to go to The Arcanum when I retired and took it. Inside I saw a truly creative environment that fostered creativity through peer feedback and team effort followed by Professional Critique. You learn not only by your own feedback and critique but the ones of others also. This is a fast track your creativity as well as craft grows at a fast rate and you will be astounded at how quickly you learn in the first 20 assignments. After the first 20 you can go on to study with Top Masters of Photography in 10 lesson groups of your choice. It is not limited to landscape there are lots of disciplines to choose from. Go on over and check them out and if you like what you see put in an application.    Hint: I may have something more on this later.

book cover

This is the cover of Mesquite Dunes

The Mesquite Dunes Book

My Book on the mesquite Dunes is available on Amazon under the title Mesquite Dunes so if you haven’t got a copy now would be a good time.

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About John Aydelotte

I aspire to pass on some of the 40 years of imaging knowledge I have acquired. I have a true passion for imaging and wish to enjoy my retirement from Commercial Photography by creating images from my heart. I am still taking a few Freelance jobs but would love to teach and lead others on their amazing photography journey. I have two grown children and 7 grandchildren. I am focusing on photography, education and retirement.

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