Common Processing Error


I have seen the common processing error lots of times. It is very common as we are visual people by the act of being a photographer. The results of this error brings out the white line between high contrasting areas and our blacks don’t print well due to lack of contrast. I used to make this mistake until I changed on how I opened up my shadows in my images. After correcting this error I ended up doing a lot less work on the images after my initial processing in Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. If you eliminate this common processing error in your workflow you will be amazed how less stressed your images are. The video shows it all.

Processing for dark shadows we always reach for the shadow slider but if you reach for the exposure slider and move the exposure up the lower your highlights you will get better results. Look at the video Common Processing Error and you will see what I mean. It is simple but your images will be better. Do not forget to subscribe so you won’t miss the next blog. Until next time “Keep on Shooting”

About John Aydelotte

I aspire to pass on some of the 40 years of imaging knowledge I have acquired. I have a true passion for imaging and wish to enjoy my retirement from Commercial Photography by creating images from my heart. I am still taking a few Freelance jobs but would love to teach and lead others on their amazing photography journey. I have two grown children and 7 grandchildren. I am focusing on photography, education and retirement.

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